My Photography

First off let remind those who may not have read this before … I am a bird watcher first and although I love to get the best possible shot I can, I don’t mind posting and identification type shot every now and then. This year I am really posting some shots that I might not if I were not involved in the listing game.  Many of the first photos I’ve taken will be replaced with better ones as the year progresses.

I am constantly trying to improve the quality of every species I’ve ever seen and rarely pass up the opportunity to take a nice shot of anything.

My gear is pretty is pretty simple as to be expected of a birder.

I have a Canon 50D and almost exclusively use a Canon 100-400 zoom lens.  I have a Canon 17-40 landscape lens and would like to get a Macro lens too.

I would like to get a second body so when I’m traveling I can keep the landscape lens on the 50D and the telephoto on the new body.

I shoot in manual mode all the time and use JPEG’s which is fine for the quality of shots I’m looking for.


4 Responses to My Photography

  1. Warren says:

    Some really interesting birds in Florida! Nothing like Canadian birds! Great Blog!

  2. great bird shots close up. I shoot wiht a 650D and 100-400. How mch of a crop are the bird shots (head) or did you manage to get really close to them?

    • sheriffsmith says:

      I use a Canon 7d with a 100-400 and there is virtually no crop on the head shots. At Green Cay Wetlands the birds will occasionally perch on the railings and some of them are so habituated to people that they will let you get really close and I’ve actually seen my wife stroke a Cormorant and and Anhinga on the tail and they not fly. Good subjects make for great pics!! Tom

  3. love you bird shots .

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