AWOL again … sorry!

I know I haven’t post much lately and apologize.  My sweetheart Terri and I are purchasing a Condo and it has been one headache after another.  I just can’t seem to sit down and write when I’m thinking about the bank and all the crap they have put us through. Hopefully … saying prayers, we are supposed to finally close this week and then I hope to start posting more regularly.

Today I ventured out with the Everglades Chapter of the Audubon Society on a field trip at Delray Oaks County Park.  This is a beautiful old Florida setting with tons of huge Oaks all  draped with Spanish Moss and the understory is Ferns and Palmettos.  It looks like a perfect place for migrants and while we didn’t have a really birdie day we did manage to find 9 species of Warblers and a few other interesting birds including one for my Big Year.

Scarlet Tanager … This was the 217th bird species I’ve photographed in Palm Beach County Florida this year!

Scarlet Tanager … In this view his dark wing shows up better. This is what really distinguishes them from the Summer tanagers.

Towards the end of the walk we came upon a tree with a half-dozen Warblers flitting around.  There were a couple of Northern Parulas, Black-throated Blues and an American Redstart.  One of the group spied a Scarlet Tanager way in the back and un-Murphy like the bird actually came closer to us.  I managed a couple of shots of this cooperative Tanager!  This was the 217th bird species for my Palm Beach County Photographic Big Year.

The rest of my week has seen some Migrants each day but no big fallouts.  We need one good cold front to pass through or our Migration may end up being one long trickle.  I did manage a few keepers for the week.

Black and White Warbler

Painted Bunting …This was the first one I’ve seen this fall!!

Thank you so much for staying with me and like I said I hope to have my life back in order soon and post on a more regular interval!



About sheriffsmith

I have worked for the Broward County Sheriff's Office the last 13 years and spend most of my free time birdwatching / naturewatching and photographing the birds and nature that I encounter. I believe God has blessed us with a world that is so absolutely fascinating and wonderful and I'm doing my best to discover and show others all that he has provided us with in nature.
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4 Responses to AWOL again … sorry!

  1. magdalena36 says:

    The last picture is just lovely.
    regards magdalena

  2. Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. 😉 … Your images are lovely. … Look forward to seeing more. … Be well, Dorothy 🙂

  3. Deb Platt says:

    I hope things are soon settled with your condo purchase. Really enjoyed your photos. I saw that you wrote this was the first painted bunting you’ve seen this year. I’m so envious because I’d like to see one even once! 😀

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