Spot-breasted Oriole and More

Spot-breasted Oriole ... is the 180th bird species I've photographed this year in Palm Beach County Florida!

Today I had to get my vehicle serviced before the trip next week.  I dropped it off at the dealers and got on my bike to ride down to Spanish River Park.  I had not gone more than a block and a half when I heard the racket of a couple of Spot-breasted Orioles.  This Oriole is probably one of the toughest to get in the United States.  If you look in a field guide you’ll notice that their range is limited to extreme South Florida and nowhere else. This is only the second time I’ve seen one in Palm Beach County so I feel especially blessed to just luck into one!

Spot-breasted Oriole

Such a great bird he gets two pictures!

Cooper's Hawk with breakfast (I edited out the bloody part)

When I finally got to Spanish River the first thing I heard was a bunch of Blue Jays yelling and screaming.  This usually means an Owl is around … but today they were just mad because this Cooper’s Hawk was eating a baby Jay for breakfast.  A circle of life moment.

Female Blackpoll Warbler ... usually all you see are pics of the males but I thinks she very pretty and needed some air time too!

Blackpoll Warbler ... gotta love those legs!

The park was quite quiet until around 10:00 when a small wave of migrants moved in.  It was mostly Blackpoll Warblers but there was also some Northern Parulas, American Redstarts, Cape Mays and many Black and White Warblers.

Yellow-billed Cuckoo ... his breakfast wasn't quite as gory as the Hawks!

I was busy talking to a gentleman who walked up and asked the age-old question “What ya lookin at” … when in flew this lovely Yellow-billed Cuckoo.  In the 3-4 minutes we saw it caught two Caterpillars!

Later in the day I took a stroll around Green Cay Wetlands.  The water is back down a little and I saw both Spotted and Solitary Sandpipers, Semi-palmated Plover, Killdeer, Lesser Yellowlegs and Least Sandpipers.

Hispid Cotton Rat ... I've been asked many time what kind of Rat this was and never knew till today when I Googled it!

At the entrance to Green Cay near the visitor center are a couple of feeders.  They are used by the Buntings, Cardinals, Blackbirds and Doves.  They also provide food for Rabbit’s, Squirrels and Rats … which in turn provide food for the Bobcats and the Hawks.  This little guy today was away from the feeders and I watched him dig and dig and eventually come up with a grub!

Thank you so much for the visit and all the kind comments!  You can view pictures of all 180 species I’ve photographed this year right here!


About sheriffsmith

I have worked for the Broward County Sheriff's Office the last 13 years and spend most of my free time birdwatching / naturewatching and photographing the birds and nature that I encounter. I believe God has blessed us with a world that is so absolutely fascinating and wonderful and I'm doing my best to discover and show others all that he has provided us with in nature.
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8 Responses to Spot-breasted Oriole and More

  1. newbiebird says:

    Beautiful shots… I really like the oriole. Good tip about the jays and the owls… Thanks!

  2. Lady Deidre says:

    I love the hawk photo — amazing shot!
    God Bless You!

  3. mike585 says:

    Nice captures, Tom.

  4. Wonderful photos again Tom. Great post.

  5. Great captures Tom! Especially love the Cooper’s Hawk, but I wouldn’t want to tangle with him!!

  6. artsifrtsy says:

    Nice photos – I give myself a challenge outside my comfort zone every year and this year it’s birds. Your shots inspire me:)

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