Another New Warbler

Today was rainy off and on and I didn’t get out to bird till this afternoon.  I got to Green Cay Wetlands about 3:30 just as the rain was stopping.  I love it right after the rain has stopped because there is usually not many people around, which was the case today.

Cape May Warbler ... just about as close as one will get to a Warbler!!

I knew I had limited time so I headed straight to the back where the fruiting Strangler Fig trees are.  The first tree I came to had a lovely male Cape May Warbler feeding right over the boardwalk.  I was able to get within 10 feet of him and he didn’t seem to care about anything but eating!


Blackpoll Warbler ... this is the 174th bird species I've photographed in Palm Beach County Florida this year!

The next tree down was loaded with birds.  I had been standing there for only a couple of minutes when my good birding buddy Linda called … seems great minds think alike and she had come out to see what the rains brought in.  There were many Warblers including Cape Mays, Black and White, Praire, American Redstarts and right after Linda showed up she spotted a Blackpoll Warbler … hooray!!!   This is another new bird for my quest.  We/I also had a very quick look at what I’m sure was a Blackburnian … I just hope it sticks around a couple of days!

Cape May Warbler ... female.

This last picture is of the female Cape May Warbler.  These gals often get overlooked due to their showy partners.  There is often a lot of confusion when birders see a female and they’ll often just ignore the plain ones which I think is a shame.  She has such beautiful markings if you look at her head and chest.

If you’re in South Florida or for that matter anywhere in Florida now is the time to get out there and bird.  Migration is ramping up and you never know which rarity will show up tomorrow!   For those newer to the blog … you can see pictures of all 174 species I’ve photographed this year in Palm Beach County here on my Flickr site.  Thanks for the visit!




About sheriffsmith

I have worked for the Broward County Sheriff's Office the last 13 years and spend most of my free time birdwatching / naturewatching and photographing the birds and nature that I encounter. I believe God has blessed us with a world that is so absolutely fascinating and wonderful and I'm doing my best to discover and show others all that he has provided us with in nature.
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2 Responses to Another New Warbler

  1. jmgoyder says:

    Oh these photos are so lovely – so close up!!!

  2. mike585 says:

    Lovely images, as usual, Tom.

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