The Juggling Act

Now that I’m back to work I’ll have to juggle birding with all the normal stuff like family, laundry and shopping etc… Today I manged to go to Boynton Beach Inlet and also to a little natural area that is smack dab in the middle of an industrial complex.

The Beach had 5 species of Gull including half a dozen Greater Black-backed Gulls.  Sanderlings and Ruddy Turnstones were the only shorebirds so I didn’t stay long. 

I decided to head North towards Lake Worth along A1A and saw a small sandbar in the intercostal.  I jumped out and snapped a series of the entire sandbar to look at when I got home.  There were Black-bellied Plovers, Dowitchers and a lone Dunlin (year bird #108).

I did some shopping and then stopped to bird a little more.  I found this little spot 3 years ago.  It is the back-end of a Condo Complex and butts up to an Industrial Complex.  There are a couple of lakes and the trees surrounding them have always held good birds.

Today I had a good number of Palm Warblers including a stunning, brightly colored Eastern Palm (missed the picture) and this singing Yellow-throated Warbler. (#109).

Two new year birds in an hour or so of looking … sweet! You can see pictures of all 109 birds I’ve photographed this year in Palm Beach County here.  As always thank you for the visit!


About sheriffsmith

I have worked for the Broward County Sheriff's Office the last 13 years and spend most of my free time birdwatching / naturewatching and photographing the birds and nature that I encounter. I believe God has blessed us with a world that is so absolutely fascinating and wonderful and I'm doing my best to discover and show others all that he has provided us with in nature.
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One Response to The Juggling Act

  1. wartica says:

    Those are some great shots; it’s amazing what you can find out there in the world around us. There are so many amazing things , on this planet, we just have to open up to it.Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

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